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SHC Finals Night

Posted by Dwayne Friesen, Created 10 days ago

Bethune Cup!!!


Bethune Cup, Shenyang, April 10-12.  Named after Norman Bethune, a doctor revered by 

Mao Zedong for serving wounded Chinese soldiers and introducing modern medicines to 

rural China, the Bethune Cup has become a prized, cross-cultural, sought-after symbol

of recreational adult league hockey in China. Each year, teams compete to have the 

right to keep and protect the trophy for a year, having players' names engraved into 

the side as part of the tradition. Who wants to play for Team Shanghai? 

Only a few days to register! Contact Keith Mitchell via WeChat ID: kwmitche

Posted by Keith Mitchell, Created Tue Mar 31, 2015, Updated Tue Mar 31, 2015

3 on 3 Shinny


LTP on Monday, Shinny on Tuesday and Thursday at 21:15 at Xijiaobailian rink in the 

Hongqiao Area. A 10 times card can be purchased for 800RMB or you can pay 100RMB per time. 

Must have 15 players minimum and maximum 18 (20 on Mondays). Address: 5/F, 88 Xianxia Xi Lu, 
near Hami Lu.

Sign up will open at 5pm the day before and close at 11:30am the day of.

Jamie will continue organizing goalies. 

Mark Simon will handle registration on wechat: marktheshark44

Posted by Keith Mitchell, Created Mon Mar 16, 2015, Updated Mon Mar 16, 2015

New Schedule and Equipment

SHC Members

This weekend, March 6/7 will be the last weekend of hockey until April. The rink is hosting the World Figure Skating Championships throughout the month of March. All equipment must be removed from the racks and taken home after your games this weekend.  SHC will not be responsible for any equipment left on the racks.  If you are unable to get your equipment make arrangements for someone to take it for you.  

The new schedule begins on April 7th and is on the website for you to look at.  As of now it will be the schedule we will follow for the rest of the year.  This schedule has each team playing one night game mid week either on a Tuesday or a Thursday so be aware of this.  All other games remain on Friday or Saturday at usual times.  The arena is open May 1 (May Day) so games are scheduled on this day. There will be 3 playoff games for each team, the first 2 dates have been set but the date for Finals Day is still to be finalized.

 Thank you for your understanding,

SHC Executive 


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Posted by Dwayne Friesen, Created Tue Mar 3, 2015, Updated Tue Mar 3, 2015

Ice Hockey in Mongolia

Shirt badge/Association crest

Beijing is looking to add 4-5 players from Shanghai for a tournament in Mongolia.

The tournament Feb 6,7,8 in Ulan Bator.

Fee $50. Hotel 50$ a night+ flight.

Contact Alex via Wechat (dynex5379) if interested.

Posted by Keith Mitchell, Created Thu Jan 29, 2015

Results: Beijing Pond Hockey Tourney

Well Done Men!

The boys finished 2nd and 4th out of 16 teams this past weekend

Posted by Keith Mitchell, Created Tue Jan 27, 2015

Beijing Pond Hockey Tourney, Contact Mark Simon for details.

Posted by Don Macmillan, Created Thu Dec 18, 2014, Updated Sun Jan 4, 2015

Tsingtao Beer Sales

Tsingtao beer will be available to purchase and delivered to the rink.

Step 1: Choose which beer you would like to purchase from the list below and how much you would like.

Step 2: Email Dwayne Friesen at to place your order. Included a contact phone number.

Step 3: Your order will be delivered the following Thursday at shinny where you will be contacted by the delivery person and pay when you receive your beer.

Step 4: Enjoy.

Posted by Dwayne Friesen, Created Mon Nov 10, 2014, Updated Mon Nov 10, 2014

Boulanger GWG

JF Boulanger scored his first goal of his SHC career against the Hairy Crabs on Friday night. Boulanger has been a long term goaltender in the SHC, who has recently made the switch to player. The goal stood up to be the game winner for the Puckhounds!

Posted by Keith Mitchell, Created Mon Oct 20, 2014

Ron Champ Hockey Menu

1 Beef hamburger or Bolognese or German cheese sausage +1 bottle German beer    RMB55

Selected Draft beer RMB30/glass
All German bottle Beer RMB25/bottle
All house pour RMB30/glass
Jagermeister RMB20/shot
Imported Red bull RMB25/bottle         

The menu is only for Shanghai Hockey Club members at Ron Champ. Mention you are a member anytime and you can take advantage of the Hockey Menu pricing.Come out and support our league sponsor.

Posted by Dwayne Friesen, Created Fri Oct 10, 2014, Updated Wed Oct 15, 2014

Hockey Sticks
Matt Whately is selling sticks to any of those in need. They are good quality carbon sticks with several curve, flex, and grip options. They also come in senior, intermediate, and junior sizes. 

Contact him at the rink. He is the monopoly suit man on the Capitalists. Or just visit and save yourself some hassle. 

Posted by Dwayne Friesen, Created Fri Oct 10, 2014

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Ron Champ
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Tel: 64179468
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